I'm LeAnne, a product designer based in San Francisco. I love solving problems, creating beautiful interfaces, and crafting great user experiences.

Mockups of Albert.io screens
Homepage of 350NH website on a macbook

With a focus on supporting mission-driven organizations, most of my projects have been for nonprofits and EdTech companies.

I also dabble in fun artsy projects outside of work.

Digital painting of woman
Abstract digital portrait of a woman
Drawing of a woman
Multimedia artwork of woman
Mockups of automative app

Feel free to take a look around to see what I've been up to.

Want to collaborate or learn more? Check out my Info page to connect.

Mockups of nonprofit app
Mockup of trail website
Illustration of colorful funky shapes
Mockups of leftovers app
Mockups of e-commerce site
Ambassador App mockups

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